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gorges du verdon

The campsite is located in the commune of Rougon, in the heart of the Gorges du Verdon, whose small village is located 7 km from the campsite.
You should not miss its visit, its point of view is impregnable. Still on the commune, several sites are remarkable of which the Sublime Point, the Bridge of Carajuan, the Samson corridor, the Bridge of Tusset.
Rougon is also the kingdom of the vultures that take flight from its cliffs.

2023 season
opening 7 april
to September 30th

All the team of the municipal camping Verdon Carajuan
wishes you an excellent stay.

The vultures :

camping rougon canyon du verdonObservation of vultures : Since 1999, vultures fly again above the Gorges du Verdon.
Come and discover these vultures during nature walks from the Chapelle de Rougon.

Registration and information: Insolite nature.

The village :

rougon verdon Village perched above the Point Sublime which dominates the entrance of the Grand Canyon and the Samson corridor.
Don't hesitate to walk through its alleys, to admire the fountain, the wash house, to go up to the church without forgetting the Chapel St Christophe restored in 2010.

rougon couloir samsonThe Samson corridor and the Point Sublime :

The site of the Point Sublime is the emblematic viewpoint of the Gorges on the right bank of the Verdon. It is one of the most picturesque viewpoints on the Gorges du Verdon. It offers a spectacular view on the entrance of the Canyon, where the Verdon river flows between the two cliffs.
Discover also the stele in honor of Isidore Blanc, precursor of the discovery of the Gorges du Verdon who gave his name to the Blanc-Martel trail.
At the bottom of Rougon and further down the sublime point, the viewpoint of the Samson corridor marks the arrival or the departure of the Martel trail.
You will have the possibility to go down to the Verdon's banks thanks to a staircase making the path less difficult. Once down, you will have a magnificent view of the cliffs with this mixture of gray and orange colors so particular to this region without forgetting the Verdon with its emerald color. If you are equipped with a flashlight you will be able to walk and cross the Baou tunnel.